Consulting Services

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Navigating the Telecom Maze


AMT Telecom Group is available to review an organization’s existing voice and data services, including arrangements and contracts with current providers. The telecom budget can be one of a company’s largest expenses. It is not an area to take lightly, and the accuracy of carrier invoices should not be taken for granted. We can conduct a thorough analysis in order to determine the actual rates being charged and to verify that usage charges and monthly fees, along with confusing regulatory fees, are accurate. If it is discovered that the client has been overcharged in the past, we have extensive experience in negotiating with carriers to obtain the maximum refund on the client’s behalf.

We can then follow up with recommendations on how the client may reduce expenses and/or improve the efficiency of their telecom and data network by implementing certain changes, such as converting to an alternate provider, or routing voice, fax and data traffic differently. The client’s future needs will also be addressed.


Looking for a new phone system? We can put together a formal bidding process and recommend specific vendors for the job. Moving or adding a location? We can provide assistance to insure a smooth transition for your new facility’s voice and data needs.


AMT Telecom Group can provide the guidance and expertise required to navigate through the maze of telecommunication options..