Association Programs


Customized Telecom Programs


Many associations and trade groups offer goods and services to their members at discounted rates. It’s a common way to build membership loyalty and attract new members. AMT Telecom Group has worked with many such associations in the past, putting together attractive telecom programs with rates that benefit the members. Some programs are designed so that the association receives referral commissions which can be used to defray the association’s operating expenses or reduce member’s annual dues.

Association programs can be structured in two different ways:


 CARRIER SPECIFIC:  This allows the association to gear its marketing efforts toward one carrier’s selected products and plans.  This type of program is ideal when an association wants to endorse a specific carrier and build on that carrier’s name recognition throughout the duration of the program.

 MULTIPLE CARRIERS:  Some associations prefer to advertise their relationship with AMT Telecom Group by announcing that AMT works with multiple carriers that members can choose from.  In this case, the marketing efforts obviously would not be geared toward one specific carrier, but instead would promote the benefits of having options from many different carriers.


Whichever type of program is selected, AMT Telecom Group can offer various marketing strategies to maximize member participation.  We will work closely with your team to develop a customized and innovative telecom program.  If you are interested in setting up a program for your association or trade group, please call 800-340-1846.